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I am Jen Zeszut, a 2x Founder,  3x CEO, 6x marketing team leader and a 20x new product + brand launcher. I am grateful to have had so much guidance, support, and inspiration throughout my career. I started this blog and consulting practice to support fellow creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders do the best work of their lives.

Creating something out of nothing is hard and grueling work, but exhilarating work if it calls you. Whether you are developing a new product or service, dreaming up a new company, launching a new product, or growing an existing product in a new way, we're here to help. I can guide and mentor. I can take it on and launch it to the world with and for you. I can dream, structure, push, plan and align. I will always roll up my sleeves and do.

Check out my list of services, but I look forward to hearing how I may be of service. 

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Over time, I have come to realize what my superpower is. It is an ability to craft a compelling North Star -- a manifesto, a rallying cry, a reason to believe, a reason to wake up in the morning -- and to mobilize employees and consumers to join me on that mission.

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Did you know that the brain is nearly fully formed by the age of 5 and that those brain cells will be the very ones that will need to serve you for life?  Nourish your little ones the best you can with Cerebelly, smart food tailored for this once-in-a-lifetime window of brain development.


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Great marketing matters. Now you can show it. Master marketing data management and analytics + insight into what's working (and not working) across it all. Finally, marketing has its Source of Truth.



Are you listening? Just a few months after Twitter was born, Scout Labs was created to help brands tune into the voice of the people out across the Internet. What they love, hate, want, wish and think about products and brands. Structured marketing insight, gleaned from unstructured social media to create the world's biggest focus group.

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I am a mom of three amazing kiddos, each with their own gifts and struggles. My husband and I juggle it all (as best we can) with patience and love (as often as we can) from our home in the Santa Cruz mountains.

I learned to cook when I lived in Paris as a Junior in college and I try and create new things in the kitchen whenever I get the chance. Cooking is my way to give back to friends, family and my community and I have hosted 50+ people for Thanksgiving, a Harry Potter birthday party and gingerbread house-building parties. The more the merrier! COVID-19 has halted the in-person festivities, but we can still bring it on the road! We did a mobile Easter this Spring and delivered full meals, jelly beans and fresh bouquets to family, friends, and anyone we knew who was alone that day.

My garden expands in size each year.  I am up to about 1/8 acre, and now I'm growing "up". (Check out 'vertical gardening' online using hog wire arches...). It's not easy to maintain. I have many times watered by headlamp at 2am, after a too-long day. But some of my deepest personal insights about leadership, social justice, entrepreneurship, community and life itself come from observing nature each day in my garden, and so I stick with my commitment, no matter what.

We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, ranging in size from 7 pounds to 120 pounds (the big one is a Saint Bernard). My daughter and I volunteer at the Santa Cruz Country Animal Shelter. We've been part of the "Dawn Patrol" for close to four years now. I value the time with my daughter, I am inspired by these incredibly resilient doggies who continue to love -- and fetch -- through it all, and I feel honored to be part of such a passionate community of volunteers.  

My personal Instagram, below.

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