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Something extraordinary

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Launching new products, creating new brands, forging passionate communities and rapidly growing revenue is difficult and massively complex work. Honestly, it’s a miracle that anything new ever gets created.

But over my 20 year career founding companies (2x), leading companies (3x), running marketing teams (6x), and working on dozens of consumer brands at a digital agency, I have had the honor and privilege of creating, launching and rapidly scaling a lot of “new”. I have created new software, formulated new consumer products, built a DTC e-commerce / subscription experience with no “off-the-shelf” paradigm to emulate, launched to the world dozens of products and services, and helped some of the largest brands in the world grow in new ways. I have raised tens of millions in investor capital and created much more than that in corporate value. I have written manifestos to establish whole new categories, pulled off lightning strikes, and facilitated passionate customer communities. Each time, going from nothing to something extraordinary.

It’s hard and grueling work, but exhilarating and life-defining work, too. If it calls you.

What is it about "the new" that I love to take on? I’m usually in constant motion. But in some recent quiet times of reflection and in conversation with colleagues, I have come to realize what my superpower is. My superpower is my ability to craft a compelling “North Star” -- a why, a rallying cry, a reason to believe, a reason to wake up in the morning -- and to mobilize employees and partners and investors and consumers (even people I meet on the street while waiting for a taxicab) to join me on that mission.

One of my board members said that when I start to talk about the product I'm about to launch, I'm like Captain Marvel when she goes binary / supernova.

At Cerebelly, we are not selling healthy baby food -- we are changing the way the human race is nourished with a smart, adaptive nutrition system. At Beckon, we do not sell marketing analytics software -- we finally delivered The Source of Truth for Marketing. At Scout Labs, we didn’t sell social media listening software -- we asked, "Are you listening?" and helped customer-centric brands tune in to the voice of the people.

With a powerful WHY shining the way, relentless, hands-on leadership to keep the forces pulling in the right direction, obsessive marketing execution and iteration based on data, and a fanatic customer community of collaborators ready to tear down the old world and co-create the new world with you, extraordinary outcomes are possible.

Of course, it’s easier said than done, and I bow down to each of you reading this who are committed to doing the bold, hard work of creating something new, or launching something new, or growing something that already exists in a new way.

I am hereby making the commitment to put down my own thoughts, experiences, frameworks and tools here, in my blog, so that I can give back to the marketing and leadership community and share my lessons of success -- and especially those of failure! -- with all of you. Please subscribe and share it with every entrepreneur, marketer, creator, and leader that you know (even if they are only those things “at heart” right now!).

If you need support and guidance through the process of creating or scaling something extraordinary, I’m here. Please reach out and schedule some consulting time. If your team needs more hands on deck to pull off the extraordinary, put me in, coach. Here is a starter list of marketing services that I can easily jump into, but let’s connect and see how I may be of service.

Throughout my career, I have had incredible partners and guides along the way. I hope to be that for you.

Let’s go create something extraordinary.

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